Berries, especially blueberries, are amongst the most antioxidant-packed fruits you can eat. Think about it, high-antioxidant foods are often associa...

I like to eat like a Queen.

Truly, I simply refuse to eat mundane meals. Especially for dinner. I firmly believe every meal should be satisfying. Not e...

 Eating vegetables for dessert sounds like the nightmare before Christmas, if you ask me. But this completely raw recipe (yes, juicy raw carrots, too!...

Simple, quick, decadent, and STILL healthy? With my holiday raw pumpkin pie you can have your cake and eat it too! Wow your loved ones this holiday se...

If you're in Portland on a weekend, the Saturday Market is a good way to start your day. It runs both Saturdays and Sundays and features a ton of craf...

Like many plant foods, soy is a super underrated super hero. Now before you yell "GMOs!" or "estrogen!" at me, hear me out. Our friend soy is an excep...

October 27th 2017

The Harlow, Portland OR

We swore we wouldn't visit the same restaurant twice, but Harlow was so good we had to come again. Plus, we're...

Oct. 27th 2017

Cornbread Cafe, Eugene OR


On the way to Portland, we stopped in Eugene and had a true comfort-food style breakfast at Cornbrea...

Oct 26th 2017

Harlow, Portland OR


Staying on the Southeast side of Portland? Then Harlow is a must-do for you.

We stayed in an Airbnb in that...

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My name is Tasha, and my goal is simple: Support wholesome living.

I am a:

-Vegan Food Obsessor.

-Whole Foods Advocate.

-Future MD; Class of 2022.

-Supporter of Nutritional Healing.

Here, you will find science-based enlightenment for a healthier lifestyle, books and talks to motivate growth, and my own recipes to support and sustain lifelong changes.