Thanks to marketing and media, figuring out what we should be eating really is like rocket science these days. "Don't eat fat! Wait, no, don't eat carbs! Where are your omegas?!"

The reality is, nothing in nutrition is black and white. Food is a package deal, and understanding its synergistic workings inside of our body is crucial to understanding what real nutrition is. 

Here, I provide comprehensive synopses on some of the most heavily questioned nutritional concepts and foods, backed by cited scientific and anecdotal sources. 

Dietary suggestions are based on the balance of scientific evidence

Happy Learning. 

Me, Myself...and My Trillions of Microbes: The Forgotten Organ

Who knew that when our healthy hippie friends said things like "it'll make your tummy happy!" or "your insides will thank you!" they were right on the money? This may sound strange...but every time you eat, you are not eating just for yourself. You are eating for the trillions of bacterial buddies (3 to 5 pounds of them actually) in your gut as well. These permanent...

Like many plant foods, soy is a super underrated super hero. Now before you yell "GMOs!" or "estrogen!" at me, hear me out. Our friend soy is an exceptional character that has been nourishing the Eastern parts of the world for many years. Only relatively recently has the hype of soy made its way to the West, and though recent claims may have tainted its name, I'm here to clear it with the science. And the science tells us that...

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Food: What The Science Says