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Oregon Expedition: Scrambles, Soups, and Scoops

Oct 26th 2017

Harlow, Portland OR


Staying on the Southeast side of Portland? Then Harlow is a must-do for you.

We stayed in an Airbnb in that area (beautiful charming houses, with lots of shops/restaurants/parks within walking distance), which was just a short walk from many hot food spots, including this gem. It is a predominantly vegan restaurant, with the exception of the vegetarian option of adding eggs.

First things first...Get a smoothie with your meal. Their smoothies are way too bomb to pass up. They get fancy with the flavors. On top of that, you get a smoothie punch card! I don't know if we can drink ten smoothies in four days for a free smoothie, but you best believe we'll try! I had the Revival, a greens-based smoothie with ginger and blueberry. I needed some greens to recover from yesterday's rich escapade! I drank most of it before eating breakfast, and felt super clean and refreshed before eating my actual meal. The ginger was great for settling my stomach and aiding in digestion.

Dean had the Matcha Do About You, a matcha-based smoothie with strawberry, banana, house-made walnut mylk, and other goodies. A perfect chocolatey smoothie. Perfect for breakfast---the matcha was decadent, but not to rich or sweet of a smoothie to start your day with.

We ordered the Pesto Garden Scramble...Boy....let me tell you. This meal had me "mm-mmm"-ing the whole way through. Not a crumb was wasted here, friends.

The tempeh was on point. It was very smokey and savory, something Dean likened almost to smoked ribs seasoning. Not something I would have originally thought to add with pesto, but the tempeh and pesto combo was a fantastically-flavorful duo for a hearty breakfast. Topped with perfectly roasted walnuts and cherry tomatoes, a handful of fall veggies, and some dark greens to balance these strong flavors out...I was sold. I just mixed it all up with my side of quinoa and I was satisfied for hours.

Dean and I also shared the Vanilla Chia Pudding as a light dessert-ish addition to our shared breakfast meal, and it did not disappoint. Light, creamy, perfectly sweet. Believe is or not, for all that savory and sweetness, these meals were a great pick-me-up breakfast! Not too heavy to induce a turn-around-and-nap mission before our big autumn picture expedition! We had enough to hold us down for a 7+ mile roundtrip hike around the Hoyt Aborteum and famous Portland Japanese Garden (Absolutely majestic around end of October, worth every mile)


After our hearty breakfast, we were pretty much held over until 4pm-ish, and decided to do dinner at KaTi Portland for some Thai food. It was closed from 3-5 for their lunch break, so by the time we could get in we were ravenous! To keep my hangry tendencies under control, we ordered the Thai Street-Fried Rice as an appetizer for good measure. Super flavorful, and nothing is better when you can tell the veggies you're eating are incredibly fresh. These veggies had reached the happy place; the perfect medium between cooked and still maintaining a fresh and vibrant crunch to them. For the main course we got the "Gang Dang Curry", a well-portioned red curry. It had a nice autumn-touch to it, featuring pumpkin with Thai eggplant, which in my opinion, gave it a nice squash-vibe, adding a little more comfort to the the already cozy red curry. I usually like my curry spiced pretty hot, but the mild version really complements the curry well.

Dean ordered his new Thai favorite---the Pad See Ew, and the mushrooms deserve all the glory in this dish. Veggies were perfectly cooked to their happy place, but these mushrooms......plump and so good!


We heard some hype about Fifty Licks ice cream parlor, which features four vegan ice cream options. Naturally, we sampled them all. And had multiple scoops of each for good measure. But I must say, the flavor that stood out the most was the Coconut Lemon Saffron, a very decadent ice cream with amazing light hints of cardamom and saffron. I never tried such a strong herb in my dessert before, but with the rich coconut and the tangy lemon... like I said, multiple scoops were in order here.

Fun fact: strong herbs like saffron are incredibly nutrient-dense, this dessert aided in my guilt-free indulgence!

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