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Oregon Expedition: Cornbread Cafe and The Sudra

Oct. 27th 2017

Cornbread Cafe, Eugene OR


On the way to Portland, we stopped in Eugene and had a true comfort-food style breakfast at Cornbread Cafe. Bacon and ranch burgers, "chik'n" and waffles, mac "uncheese"...oh yes, the good eats.

The Bacon Ranch Burger: I have yet to make an oat burger of my own, and after trying theirs, I am so excited to learn! This oat patty did an excellent job of absorbing all the savory smokey flavors of this burger, and was deliciously tender, more so than my regular bean burger. The thick-cut tempeh bacon was a fun addition, too.

Chik'n & Waffle: I was a newbie to seitan (No, not Satan) until this meal. Seitan ("Say-tahn") is protein from wheat, specifically gluten (so it's NOT gluten-free!), and serves as a protein-dense meat alternative. I don't know the nutritional value of this meat alternative yet, but it certainly fit the role for fried chik'n. Breaded seitan with sweet and savory gravy, on top of a big ol' waffle, smothered in syrup...Ooooh-wee did we go to town on that! The "chik'n" was well seasoned, one of the closest things to fried chicken I've tasted thus far. (Take my opinion here with a grain of salt, though, I really don't crave "meaty" or meat-tasting products anymore, and so therefore my current perception of chicken may be far off now lol)

Mac Uncheese: Pretty good, nothing crazy, but a great side dish. Though I loved was that the cheese for it was made in-house.

Cinnamon Roll Cake: Ahh, man. First off, the cake piece is big, with thick frosting sandwiched between two layers of moist cinnamon cake. it definitely captured the cinnamon roll feel, and is definitely a dessert to be shared!

Dinner: The Sudra, Portland OR

What a fun little spot on the Northeast side of Portland! With just 5 or 6 tables, this small space has big flavor. The big go-to meal was the popular Chickenless Masala. I recommended ordering the large bowl size for the meals, these portions were spot on for both of us. As for the masala, the tofu was cooked to tender perfection, just as in the original dish. The sauce was awesome.

We also ordered the Jack fruit Vindaloo Bowl, which naturally more of a kick to it than the masala, although not crazy spicy. The Jackfruit was delicious and tender, and we loved the beet chunks tossed in with the vindaloo in more of a fresh salad-y way, as well as the kale side salad that came with. I honestly wish they served a larger salad portion, the tahini dressing was awesome, and I was sad when it was gone.

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