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Oregon Expedition: Big City and Bold Pizza at Virtuous Pie

October 27th 2017

The Harlow, Portland OR

We swore we wouldn't visit the same restaurant twice, but Harlow was so good we had to come again. Plus, we're working on earning that free smoothie, remember? four down, six to go!


Today Dean and I switched it up with the smoothies. I got a rich, chocolatey mint smoothie called Retrospection. Cannot go wrong with cacao and mint. It was refreshing and not too rich, just perfect! Dean went the fruitier route and ordered the Pink Flamingo, keeping it true with just mango, strawberries, and banana. So good.

I had half a mind to just order the same exact meal today, but believe it or not, today's breakfast was even better! Today was a pancake day. We had the Walnut Flapjacks, a two-stack serving of pancake perfection topped with bananas, walnuts, coconut and maple syrup. It didn't even need the syrup. So good.

We also ordered the Outlaw Scramble, and switched the tempeh with jackfruit, and I am so glad we did. This dish had a Mexican flare to it, and the jackfruit went perfect with the black beans, scallions, and guac in this hearty almost burrito-bowl feel. Super Savory, yet still perfect for breakfast. I don't know how they do that. And between the smokey tempeh or jackfruit, I honestly can't choose. Guess you'll have to order both as well!

Virtuous pie, Portland OR


We got all caught up in the downtown vibes, and skipped lunch. But Virtuous pie surely picked up the slack with dinner. Fresh, made-from-scratch personal pizzas. 100% plant-based everything, and I am IN LOVE with this place! I've always had such mixed feelings about vegan cheeses, and don't really enjoy many of the commercial brand vegan cheeses out there. I do, however, love nut-based cheeses from almond or cashews. Virtuous pie makes all their sauces and cheeses from scratch, and bakes them on these awesome thin crusts. We ordered two of the most popular dishes; The Superfunghi and The Ultraviolet.

The Superfunghi is known for its relishing mushroom tones, with wild mushrooms and its truffle almond ricotta. This ricotta, coupled with the arugula topping and herbs made for a perfectly harmonized pie with full and fresh flavor.

The Ultraviolet was perhaps my favorite. It was just loaded with veggies! Walnut and arugula pesto, cashew mozzarella (which killed the game in terms of that melty cheesy pizza texture I was craving!), roasted tomatoes, kale, caramelized onion, and pine nuts. A vegan masterpiece to the pesto pizza cravings.


I am not particularly proud of my actions today. Virtuous pie serves homemade ice cream, in all kinds of awesome flavors like Coffee and Donuts, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan, and more. I think they put some magical ingredients in the Charcoal, Banana, Coconut flavor. That's the only result I can conclude from my experience. That flavor was out of this world, man. The ice cream was pitch black, which was super cool and fun, and sitting on top of a homemade sugar cone, with bits of chewy coconut in every bite...I had withdrawals within five minutes, ordered another serving, and ate until I was sick. I am still recovering!

Virtuous pie is a MUST-do! Top 3 hot spots to hit up in Portland!

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