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Raw Pumpkin Pie

Simple, quick, decadent, and STILL healthy? With my holiday raw pumpkin pie you can have your cake and eat it too! Wow your loved ones this holiday season a truly guilt-free dessert.

This raw vegan recipe uses cashews and almonds as the main ingredients, making this dessert high in healthy fats and loaded with fiber. So what the heck, go for that third slice!

Happy Eating.




9" springform pan

Food processor


1 tbsp coconut oil

1.5 cups almonds

2 cups dates

Pie Filling:

2 cup cashews

2 cup pumpkin

1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

1 tbsp allspice

1 tbsp cinnamon

5 tbsp coconut palm syrup (or agave, or maple syrup)

1/4 tsp salt

1tsp vanilla

1 can coconut milk (use as needed)


1. Spread your tbsp of coconut oil all over your pan.

2. Pour the 1.5 cups almonds into food processor, blend until roughly chopped. Add 2 cups dates and blend until a moldable doughey-like consistency forms. This will be your crust. Using your hands, flatten the ingredients into the pan, until evenly flat as a crust. (picture at bottom to refer to!)

3. Clean out food processor. Pour your 2 cups cashews into processor and blend. When the cashews are roughly ground, add 1 cup pumpkin, lemon juice, and the spices. blend until smooth. (Add coconut milk if needed to help with blending-it should be a thick paste, not runny.)

4. When smooth (it will still be finely bumpy and thick, this is fine), scoop into pan on top of crust. Smooth out with a small spoon.

5. Pour and spread this filling into pan, smooth out with a spoon.

6. sprinkle lightly with all-spice and cinnamon (You can also add fun ingredients like melted chocolate, coconut shavings, or drizzled sweetener!)

7. Cover with aluminum foil and freeze for 1-2 hours. Once its thick enough to maintain composure when cutting, you may leave it in fridge from that point on.

8. Enjoy!

Why Raw and Gluten Free?

With at least a third of the U.S. population being overweight, holiday indulgences are harder to enjoy without the harsh aftermath these days. The average person gains at least one to two pounds during the holiday season, and those overweight often gain an average of five pounds. With the "gym life" New Year's resolution right around the corner, who wants more work to reach that ideal gym bod? Not I.

Using a wheat free recipe that incorporates raw nuts battles weight gain! How?

Raw nuts are fat and fiber rich, making them both:

---low in glycemic value

---high in fiber, helping break up and slow down the rise in blood sugar levels after eating

Wheat-based foods are amongst the highest in glycemic index, which means we get a huge spike in blood sugar after eating them. This causes a huge insulin spike, which tells our bodies to store the excess sugar from our meal as fat. More fat storage from high blood sugar spikes=more weight gain. This dessert avoids a wheat crust altogether and replaces it with true super foods---almonds and dates as a crust.

For me, when dessert really is more like dinner number two, I'd rather indulge in something that may actually help balance my sugar-loaded Thanksgiving feast, rather than send my body into sugar overload! This pie will satisfy the craving of a sweet and smooth pumpkin pie, and may actually help balance out the aftermath of your Holiday binges!

Happy Eating.


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