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Coco-Cashew Bliss Balls

You can never go wrong with chocolate. Period. But there's really no need to buy super sweet chocolate, which has unnecessarily added sugars, or a little milk or whey added....nah, none of that nonsense. Get the good stuff, 50% cacao or more, I say. The sweetness from the dates in this recipe is all you need for perfectly sweet, decadent, chocolatey goodness. And what kind of person would I be if I didn't include an incredibly healthy twist to it? That's right, raw, organic cashews. What a twist!

The ingredients here are simple, yet elegant. Raw cashews, coconut, and dates. No more, no less. Roll them into balls and smother those bad boys with melted chocolate...they won't last long, guaranteed.

Happy Eating.

Cashew Delight Ingredients:

1 cup raw organic cashews

1.5 cup coconut flakes (unsweetened)

1 cup pitted dates

semi sweet dark chocolate chips (vegan)

1 tsp coconut oil (optional- for greasing the pan you cool them on)

(If you keep these ratios, doing 2 batches worth is ideal for sharing with others)


1. Blend cashews in food processor

2. Add coconut flakes

3. Add dates in partial portions to enhance blending efficiency

4. Blend until moldable, and mold into spheres of desired size

Melting chocolate:

5. boil water in a small pan. place a heatable thick glass bowl on pan over boiling water

6. Add chocolate chips to boil, stirring often until melted

7. Dip cashew spheres into chocolate, sprinkle extra coconut on spheres (or not, your choice), and place on a cool surface (oil lightly with coconut oil to prevent sticking)

8. Enjoy!

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