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Food Forensics: Mike Adams

​​Mike Adams is an investigative journalist and self-made scientist of sorts after becoming involved in research associated with health and disease. Known for his collaborations of information on based on the politics and science of the health institutions, Food Forensics is an information-dense book that gives clear cut information based on research of chemicals used within the average person's everyday life, and how it affects health. From metals found in our water supply, to chemicals in our processed foods and agriculture, he discusses the entire spectrum of how exposure to many chemicals in small doses and on a mass scale affects health. It may seem discouraging at first; the amount of chemicals we encounter daily are staggering--but Mike Adams informs and empowers readers to not ignore the ingredients and chemicals they don't understand. This book encourages consumer knowledge of chemicals in foods and other products, encouraging a healthier living environment for all.

Picture: Food Forensics by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, foodforensics.healthrangerstore.com/food-forensics.html.

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