• Tasha Vazquez

How to Not Die: Dr. Michael Greger

Published: 2015

How to Not Die presents research-based information on the role of nutrition in the reduction, reversal, and prevention of disease. I consider this book to be a must-read for absolutely everyone. This information is essential for the public to acknowledge and act upon.

The premise is simple: We are dying from preventable and curable diseases. The solution is simple: Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Greger focuses on the top 15 killers of Americans today, from heart disease to depression, and describes the close relationship to nutrition and chronic diseases.

Dr. Michael Greger presents the current research flawlessly, bringing together science and nutrition in a way that is understandable and incredibly empowering. He leaves out no details, and his claims are heavily backed by rigorous research, of which is cited in his book.

Picture: “The Latest in Nutrition Related Research.” NutritionFacts.org, Michael Greger, nutritionfacts.org/.

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