• Tasha Vazquez

Whole: Dr. T Colin Campbell, PhD

​Whole gets to the roots of the institution of health, and perhaps why chronic illnesses still exist today. It is a very conceptual book, and is perfect for those seeking answers as to why the scientific and medical methods are becoming more advanced, while people are becoming more sick.

Tackling the controversial topics of why we get sick, Dr. Campbell deconstructs the foundation of research in the medical fields today. His premise is based on why the reductionist approach to health is wrong, and how this approach within healthcare system maintains a "disease care" instead of healthcare system. More so, he dives into the politics and impacts of the health institutions as we know them today, and not only how this affects our health, but the environment as well. Holism is expressed as the key to understanding the science of nutrition and scientific progression, and Dr. Campbell beautifully applies this method of thinking in a profound way.

Picture: Plant-Based Diet Books - Center for Nutrition Studies.” Center for Nutrition Studies, T. Colin Campbell, nutritionstudies.org/plant-based-books/

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