• Tasha Vazquez

The Good Gut: A must-read for simple and effective ways to keep your gut healthy

The Good Gut is a good book. If you're looking for a book that provides accessible and sustainable methods to change you and your family's gut health for the better, this is it. The concepts flow seamlessly, and the facts truly hit home. The good news is it's not overwhelming. This is not a pessimistic book that speaks of hopelessness for our health, although realistically, our gut microbiome is in a dire situation. They give the facts, and empower with logic and realistic ways to help alleviate the many challenges against our health...ways that the average person can totally apply to themselves. It all starts with what we eat. They practice what they preach, too. Check out Dr. Justin Sonnenburg's lectures on the gut microbiota online, the research is awesome. They also do joint videos on healthy gut-promoting eating and living tips. Enjoy the read!

Happy Eating.

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